Six Word Saturday

How I Hate Those Extraneous Apostrophe’s


I had about a five minute wait for my take-out calzone last night, during which time I was being tortured by the establishment’s chalkboard menu, which read: “Soup’s: Minestrone and Broccoli & Cheese.”  When they finally called my order, I could not resist the temptation to reach out my editorial thumb to make the necessary erasure, only to get the hairy eyeball from the passing manager, as if she’d caught some vandal in an act of desecration.


Lot’s more cool thing’s from Call Me Cate at: SHOW MY FACE.


21 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. oh my god ye’s. when in doubt, throw in appostrophee’s too and maybe an extra leter as’s well; I think the new spelling rule has become ‘when in doubt, anything ending in “s” require’s an apostrophy”

  2. No wonder the children of today can’t spell and their grammar is atrocious. I think I would have refused to buy anything!

  3. Those pesky apostrophes are a pet peeve of mine as well. Grammar in this country has slowly but surely crept down the toilet.

  4. Well, after all you had to go through I hope your calzone was good. I like the image of the manager eyeing you as you made the correction.

  5. Apostrophe

    Apostrophe, apostrophe,
    Thou hangest in the sky,
    Replacing what we do not say,
    A source of mystery.

    When written word is spok’n and heard,
    It stilted often sounds,
    How bravely doth apostrophe
    Contract our aural wounds.

    And should possession be required,
    Noun’s owner laying claim,
    Apostrophe leaps forth and makes
    A bond unto his name.

    Apostrophe, apostrophe,
    It nearly makes me cry,
    When someone calls thee out to work,
    And asks not “what,” or “why.”

    But know thou, little mark on high,
    Though oft thou art misplaced,
    Our love for thee, apostrophe,
    Shall never be effaced.


  6. I know I probably make mistakes in my grammar sometimes. I also use way too many !!!!!!’s. And I probably do the apostrophe thing sometimes too, I’m not sure. I just hope that if I do, that my friends will put up with me and be kind! (:>) To error is human… to forgive is divine.

    Happy Saturday

  7. Thank you, Ron ~~ I am glad THEY got caught, by you. 🙂 I might have done that too, for sure if the sign was hanging crooked I would straighten it. That is the engineer mentality in me.

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