Not So Fast, Mr Cummings…

Oh, sure; we just had the Vernal Equinox and the days are getting longer and all that jazz, but….the sun’s still 93 million miles away and–here in the Northland, anyway–Spring’s still “a ways off”, as the locals say. 

Everybody’s waiting for it eagerly. I’ll bet you are, too.  While you’re waiting, you might consider reading some very germane poetic literaterure which not only addresses the topic but does so (if I may say so myself) beautifully.

I’m the featured poet today at Every Day Poets.  Here’s the link:
Not Quite Mud-Luscious Yet

NOTE: You’ll find the link brings you to my published work blog (Eggs Over Tokyo), where the poem appears with the correct formatting.  I’ll provide a link to EDP after (if) they fix the formatting problem.  My apologies.  I have notified them about the error.


Barry L. Long

Photo Credit: EyeInHand


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