Time Machine (osi)


Time Machine

I remember how cigarette smoke
curling up from midnight ashtrays
mingled with incense and music
spilled out through open curtains
from one private space to another
all night long all along the boulevard
all that long long summer long.


Revised and posted for “Moment“–this week’s prompt at ONE SINGLE IMPRESSION.


6 thoughts on “Time Machine (osi)

  1. I remember when I first started smoking. It definitely was the wrong move for me as now I find it too hard to quit. But your poem reminds me of when us girls tried to make those smoke rings in some hidden spot so our parents would not catch us. I was old enough to smoke when i started but I knew my parents would disapprove

  2. I loathe cigarettes so I’m glad it’s not wafting through the night air (quite as much!!) these days. But as a kid in the 60’s it was the norm not the exception for adults to smoke. Nice work Ron!

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