Six Word Saturday

I Had To Do Friday…TWICE


 Sometime between lunch break and quitting time on Thursday, I got it into my overworked brain that it was Friday.  To bolster that misconception, I got caught up in a last-minute bit of business that carried me past the usual 5:00 exodus and when I left work there were no other cars in the lot, causing me to think, “Of course not; who would stay after 5 on a Friday?”

 The wake-up bell didn’t ring until I got home and, in the process of grabbing my (almost) empty travel mug, managed to spill some remnant java on my pants.  Pants.  Not jeans.  (Friday is jeans day at work).



You’ll never go wrong with Call Me Cate over at SHOW MY FACE.


PS:  This is post  # 500 AND it’s my 99th SWS.

14 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. This doesn’t happen to those of us who are retired. Of course we seldom know what day of the week it is any way.

  2. oh dear. agreed, retired folks rarely know what day it is, or even was, until someone calls and says, “It’s Tuesday, where ARE you…”

    repeating any work day is a bummer, and you should be allowed two Saturdays for a reward, yes indeed.

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