Thursday Thirteen

13 From The Body Shop

1)   Off the top of my head

2)   On the tip of my tongue

3)   Behind my back

4)   Under my thumb

5)   Get it off my chest

6)   Slip through my fingers

7)   Kiss my ass

8)   On bended knee

9)   In my hot little hands

10) Pain in my neck

11) Lipservice

12) & 13) In one ear and out the other



Want more fun?  Beat feet & head on over to THURSDAY THIRTEEN.


13 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. you never disappoint, Ron., made me smile all the way down past 7 which goes beautifully with 8 and the last two which was masterful. You da man

  2. These are right up my alley. Too bad alley isn’t a body part. Last night my neighbor shared some cherry cobbler and I said, “my eyes are bigger than my stomach.”

    Love your sharing on Little Green at Looseleaf.
    I’m up to my neck in 13 Thursdays.

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