Vision In The Rapid Eye

Like many writers, I rely heavily on imagination, altered states of awareness, and dreams for inspiration. That’s why I’m very happy to announce that the forthcoming Inaugural Issue of The Rapid Eye (due out sometime in May) will include my poem Persistence Of Vision. It’s a short poem (only 3  lines) but I wouldn’t call it a small poem.  You’ll see.

Although I say that the  first issue will be out in May, the truth is that there’s lots of great reading about all things dreamish already posted there, just waiting for you.  For starters, there is an extensive Library of Dreams.

In their words:

“Beyond publishing original dream literature and artwork, The Rapid Eye seeks to promote the historical wealth of dreaming in the arts through our Library of Dreams resource, collecting examples of prose, poetry, film, and visual artwork inspired by, set in, or imitating dreams. Also included are classical theoretical texts on dreaming and dream interpretation.”
                          The bottom line is this: You gotta go check out THE RAPID EYE.
BONUS: You still have time to submit for the opener.  I’ll let you know when it’s up, so you can read all the fine work I expect to find there, including (he said humbly) my own.

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