Ron. Runs A Close Second

I just received confirmation from Every Day Poets’ Managing Editor Oonah V Joslin that my poem Not Quite Mud-Luscious Yet just missed out on being in the April 1st slot, which I suppose means that I’m not an April Fool—just very darned close. My poem is slated for April 2nd. Don’t worry; I’ll probably wear you down with too many reminders in the meantime.

Here’s the tentative (and I assume fairly firm) line-up. Perhaps you’ll recognize some of the other fine poets; I know I do. In any event, I urge you to bookmark and stop by EVERY DAY POETS, ummm…every day. You won’t be disappointed.

01 Jack Byrne    haiku
02 Ron. Lavalette    Not Quite Mud-Luscious Yet
03 Colin Will    The Tree
04 Maire Morrissey-Cummins    haiku
05 Angela Readman    Tales of my Mother’s Old Clothes
06 Chad Nellis Sinclair    Moonshade over Ornamental Bliss
07 Dave Morehouse    Ojibwa Sabbath
08 James Graham    DNA Poem
09 Rachel Sutcliffe    untitled
10 Martin Heavisides    Improvisation for St. Valentine
11 Alanna Cohen    Literary Books
12 Kim Dela Cruz    Stillborn
13 T. H. Cayne      Can You See Her? (At the Bridge, Every Single Day to be Beyond)
14 F. Pierce Skinner    The World is More Often Than Not a Black and Cruel Place
15 Joshua Colwell    Quiet Blossom
16 Deron B. Bergstresser    Signs of Spring in Storage
17 Theodore E. Hovey    The Other I
18 Taylor Gale    equations
19 David Murphy    River Meld
20 Sy Roth    Storm Swept
21 Nick Falkowski    On the Farm
22 Charles L. Lowery    structured Teaching
23 Abriana Jette    In Moonlight
24 Beth Cato    autism
25 Katherine Sanger    bad things happen to good people
25 Jeff Jeppesen    EDITOR’S VIEW
26 Prospero E. Pulmo Jr.    web. breakfast
27 Jason Sturner    Shimmer
28 Phillip A. Ellis    After a Conversation
29 Joe Cifrin    Jaffa  Cake
30 Schyler Gurney    The Barest Love

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