Thursday Thirteen


13 Backaches

(If we all spoke Esperanto, we’d say “doloro de dorso.” But we’re a complex world, often disunited by our languages but, sadly, unified by our common aches and pains.

1. Afrikaans:  rugpyn
2. French:  mal de dos
3. German:  Rűckenschmerzen
4. Spanish:  dolor de espalda
5. Italian:  mal di schiena
6. Danish:  rygsmerter
7. Filipino:  sakit ng likod
8. Portuguese:  dor nas costas
9. Dutch:  rugpijn
10. Albanian:  dhimbje shpine
11. Polish:  ból w krzyżu
12. Welsh:  poen yn y cefn


13. Swahili:  mgongo

(Apologies to anyone who finds an error. I pass the blame to the Google Translator)


Lots more pain-free entertainment at: THURSDAY THIRTEEN.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. As a lifelong sufferer of chronic back pain, this was sadly one of the first Italian phrases I had to learn when I got here. I need it less and less often now, but it still comes in handy.

    Happy TT! 🙂

  2. It’s no bottle of cola, that’s for sure. That word doesn’t travel around the world. It was immediately needed locally before any travellers came to town with the imported word.

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