Charlie Goes To The Inauguration

My friend Cyrt used to say, “Everybody smells different except the Polka Dot Kid.” And I believe he was correct, except that there was no Polka Dot Kid, and that everyone smelled just like him. But Cyrt’s dead now & I can barely trace his scent anymore, the wind in mid-winter being what it is, and all. 

Nobody I write about is real.  Or at least not really real.  I mean—when it comes down to it—mostly we’re all mostly fictitious anyway, right?  So I make people up.  So sue me.

I usually write about me in the third person.  I am he.  But if he has a name, it’s never about me.  If he has a name, it’s someone else.  And he’s (probably) mostly made up. This I can pretty much guarantee.

Charlie’s mostly made up. He’s been hanging around me a while now, & some time back I wrote most of him down.  Every once in a while I’d send him out to meet some new folks, but they inevitably rejected him & sent him back.

But Charlie’s found a new home. Charlie’s going to appear sometime soon in the upcoming Inaugural Issue of *82 Review.  If I know Charlie (heh heh heh) he’d probably like it if you stopped by to say hello.

I’ll remind you when, once I hear that he’s arrived and has settled in.


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