Credit Where Credit’s Due

I have to credit the good people over at Every Day Poets for helping me become a better poet. 

I confidently submitted 3 poems on New Year’s Day & received a quick response, first rejecting one within 5 days and the next within a week.  I can’t quibble with their decision; some fly some don’t. 

I received some positive feedback and a request for a re-write on the 3rd poem (Not Quite Mud-Luscious Yet) about a week after that, and shortly thereafter submitted a significantly pared-down version.  I have to admit I liked the original version, but I could clearly see the reasons for their hesitation. I submitted a much leaner rewrite, but one which I could live with if published.

On 1/23, they wrote to say that they thought I’d gone too far with the trimming and were hopeful I’d have another go at it.  I just let it sit for a couple weeks and finally got down to finding the happy median, resubmitting on 2/11. 

I received their acceptance the following day.  This made me very happy because, to be honest, it’s a much better poem for the extra effort expended.

Along with their acceptance came a suggestion for one final tweak, with the reminder that, either way, the poem was my baby and they’d be happy to publish it.  I opted out, asking them to publish as submitted and they were very gracious, accepting my sensibility about forgoing the suggested (minor) change.


Every Day Poets has published several of my poems over the past few years. My experience with them has always been very positive, and I appreciate the fact that their editorial board is efficient (note the rapid response times), discerning (note the rejections of clearly lesser work) and cooperative (note the willingness to suggest and fairly consider rewrites, as well as the germane feedback from each of the editors).

I particularly note and appreciate the feedback and support from editors Jeff Jeppesen, Kathleen Mickelson, and especially Managing Editor Oonah Joslin who, when I asked her to publish as submitted (declining the final suggested change), replied with, “Okay, Ron. You’re the boss.”  Who doesn’t like to hear that?


At any rate, my poem (Not Quite Mud-Luscious Yet) will probably appear next month, or maybe in April.  I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Meanwhile, if you’re not already a reader of the fine work published daily at EVERY DAY POETS, you’re missing out. Check them out.  You won’t be sorry.

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