Six Word Saturday

Bummer: Yesterday My Best Slave Died

Technically, I guess, I mean slave cylinder; and not my slave cylinder, but my truck’s slave cylinder:

slaveIt’s part of the transmission, and apparently an important part because, when it fails, the truck instantly develops a mind of its own vis-a-vis stopping and going. On my way to work, I stopped–or attempted to stop–at the Irving/Circle K gas station. I have to thank my old man for the driving gene, which (fortunately for me, my truck, and the Irving/Circle K gas station) kicked in quickly, allowing me to take emergency stoppage measures, thus being able to avoid  something like this:crash5 Of course, since it was 8 below zero at the time, perhaps not having to get out of my vehicle until it was actually inside the building would have been more convenient but, frankly, I didn’t need a coffee-to-go quite that badly.


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21 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. this is where you learn about How The Vehicle Runs, one step at a time. Glad that wasnt you sitting there in the store, but yes, being one with the coke machine would’ve been a great time saver…the ‘what-ifs’ that go along with this are endless, and scary.

  2. Happy that you are okay! Do you have an emergency kit in your truck should something like that happen when you aren’t near a populated area? I mean eight below is a tad chilly to be stuck on the side of the road somewhere…

  3. car breakdowns are never fun…. Luckily you didn’t do any great damage to yourself or anyone else…. but I do think that the drive in quickie mart is not a bad idea!

  4. I had no idea there was such a device on engines, but now I do! It’s a good thing you knew what to do, since the convenient store probably didn’t have a “drive-thru” and wasn’t wanting one created! Glad you survived undamaged!

  5. Oh dear! Funny yet serious. Well, the funny is only in your account, not the facts. But I envy you the driving gene.

  6. Ha – “stoppage” measures…love it…sounds like something I would say! Glad you’re ok…and hope your truck is soon on the go (and on the stop) soon.

  7. Fortunate you missed injury to your physical self … I often wish I had the driving gene installed in me … I am not wired for it … I wouldn’t have a clue!! But you can bet, if I learned under such circumstances, I would not likely forget it. Thank you for your visit.

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