Thursday Thirteen

Weaseling Out: 13 Sentences, 13 Words Each

I openly admit that I have  done nothing for Thursday Thirteen this week.

I feel like a slug for not giving it more thought in advance.

I know I really should have been compiling some clever list of words.

Obviously, there’s also lots of pretty pictures out there I could have gathered.

But—trust me on this—it has been a killer week all around.

Work has been a zoo, what with all those needy clients and all.

I’ve been busy at home, too, reading all those letters rejecting my poetry.

Don’t get me wrong; doing the Thursday Thirteen is still important to me.

It’s just that I’ve had trouble coming up with anything clever or entertaining.

Maybe my juices are running dry, or maybe I just need a rest.

Maybe I should hire a monkey to write it for me next week.

Let’s face it: a monkey could probably do just as good a job.

At any rate, I’m hoping to be more refreshed for next week’s list.


More (and better) 13s at: THURSDAY THIRTEEN.



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