Six Word Saturday

Don’t Forget Your Passport, My Beloved

I live in Vermont:

Scenic View Northeast Kingdom VT

I live in Vermont with My Beloved Sandra, who is planning a springtime trip with her daughters to Las Vegas:


  I’m reminding her to bring her passport because–let’s face it–it’s another whole world.


Call Me Cate‘s the main showgirl at: SHOW MY FACE.


16 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. I’ve come chasing you, Ron. Didn’t see your link on Show my Face this week, and was wondering if you were away, or not well? No worries- I have my answer. You might want to check you put a link in though?

  2. considering where you live, Ron, cant say I blame you
    im pretty much a hermit too in the winter and need to be blasted out of the house–and you know she always comes back…

  3. Enjoy the solitude. 🙂

    Vermont is beautiful. The whole New England area reminds me of the Atlantic Region in Canada, which is where I am originally from.

  4. Ha! Ha! That’s kind of funny! My daughter-in-law two years ago (age 20) thought you needed a passport to go to Vegas really!

  5. It is true it is a whole other world a scary world to me but hey that’s just me I do not care for the gambling atmosphere now the shows would be okay but you got to go thru the evils to get to the fun so I will pass on Vegas. My husband doesn’t travel well either and it is nice when you husbands that accept that and encourage their gals to still go have fun kudos Ron.
    tick tock janice now no more Janice’s Footsteps i had to change my blog… dang frenemies!!!

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