Looking In (for OSI)

Looking In

Fully banqueted,
the nicotine outcast
scavenges cigarettes poolside
while dregs of the party
sip Tanquerays with tonic
and linger over cheesecake.

Nothing is as blue as the pool.
The night, narcotic, welcoming,
lengthens; spreads itself out
behind a buttery August moon.

In the morning, huddled
over coffee, everyone is
blown dry by sunrise
and smells like almonds.



(Originally published in December ’04 by Country Mouse; dusted off & re-presented here in response to this week’s prompt, Watching, at: ONE SINGLE IMPRESSION.)


8 thoughts on “Looking In (for OSI)

  1. wish i had the right words, all the time. meager is all i have at the moment, but your poem was gorgeous and it makes me want to be there.

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