I hear it all the time.  It used to happen only rarely and only just on news programs, but now it seems to be an accepted manner of self-expression, and I hear it everywhere I go: someone’s speaking and suddenly s/he launches into the dreaded Self Interview.

Do I hate it when someone starts asking themselves questions, and immediately answering them?
Yes I do.
Is it simultaneously self-serving and pedantic, assuming that the listener is either incapable or too slow to analyze the speakers thoughts?
Yes it is.

Do I stop listening the moment it occurs?

7 thoughts on “PET PEEVE # 72A

  1. I was just ranting about the unison endings this week!! You have your thoughts, I’ll express mine. And to comment on the original blog posting – if the question was meant to be rhetorical, puh-lease…..answer it with silence!!!!

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