13 Diseases Of The Eye

(I’ll spare you the close-up photos)

1) Aniscoria (unmatched pupil size)
2) Blephritis (dehydrated eyelids)
3) Chalazia (lumpy lids)
4) Coloboma (congenital missing tissue)
5) Diabetic Retinopathy (damaged blood vessels)
6) Fuchs’ Dystrophy (deteriorating cornea)
7) Hyphema (blood in the eye)
8) Keratoconus (bulged/cone-shaped cornea)
9) Macular Pucker (creased/wrinkled retina)
10) Nystagmus (jumpy eyeball)
11) Pinguecula/Pterygium (corneal growths)
12) Ptosis (droopy upper lid)
13) Uveitis (inflammation of the middle eye)


You can eyeball other great lists at: THURSDAY THIRTEEN.


8 thoughts on “THURSDAY THIRTEEN

  1. my my. A visual demo. Not the sort of thing you put out of your mind easily. . Creased retina sounds nauseau inducing, at the very least. Thank you for starting our day off with a bang and possibly a whimper…Nicely done, Ron

  2. The picture says (or sees?) it all! I don’t see my eye issue on the list. I think it’s chronic blocked tear ducts that create infection, have to soak them with hot compress and massage. I think it begins with an M but I couldn’t find it online just now. You know how you have to know how to spell a word to look it up in the dictionary.

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