Six Word Saturday

The Unfried Scramble Gets A Facelift

Decidedly wider and whiter. Booky. (Bookish?) I’m not sure I’m fully committed to it yet.  I was born in Connecticut, The Land Of Steady Habits.  Change does not come to me easily. (Just ask My Beloved Sandra).  But I’m trying it out, anyway; and she said she likes it, so I guess I’ll give it a while, see if it grows on me…


No facelift required by Call Me Cate at: SHOW MY FACE.


17 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. It’s fun to refresh things a bit now and then! I’m all about simple and clear, too much commotion on a page is distracting. I like this!

  2. Wider is better so they say
    And I like it widder too

    I like mine wider so that I can have my pictures to be bigger. On blogspot I had to go into the template HTML-wise to change the width.

  3. I like it! nice and bright and fresh! I loved the September start of the school year with all the new shiny exercise books and pens all waiting to be used – this reminds me of that! looking forward to seeing what you write on your new pages

  4. At first glance, I like the new look–very clean and fresh. I will say that the font seems a little small on such a big, white background, but that may just be because my eyes are getting old. 😉

  5. I like it, too….whenever you get tired of it, changing is easy….it would be the easiest change you’ll probably ever make! Not a whole lot riding on it!

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