On Second Thought…

Truth, Hard As Nails

Wow, he thought, the scourge and the
public ridicule was one thing, I mean
most of them never took me seriously
anyway; and the thorny crown was
really just more of the same: mostly
just for show, mostly designed for
maximum insult and denigration, no
real harm intended, just give them
something to focus on and laugh at.
But I have to admit: these nails are
something else altogether.
                                             I guess if I
had the chance to do it all over again,
come back from beyond the grave,
maybe give them all a second shot,
I’d definitely have to rethink the nails.


It’s Masque / Persona Poem Week over at WE WRITE POEMS

9 thoughts on “On Second Thought…

  1. This is absolutely chilling. A wonderful Persona poem. “designed for
    maximum insult and denigration” describes what human nature does to what it does not understand.

    • Hello I tried to leave comment at your blogspot but I seemed unable to prove I was not a robot. I found your comment about paywalls interesting, especially irritated lately as paywalls keep up users who actually posted content.

      • I had no idea there would be one of those awful “prove youre a robot’ things. Ill take the whole business down, then. I agree, however, paywalls are piggy, and they do keep people from doing what they need to do. (my apologies for the inconvenience over there)

  2. I think of several Sci-fi shows where deities have had a voice. One in particular where the ‘power’ just wanted to be left alone after a grievous mistake – but Captain Picard wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer – then finally allowed peace to reign and also put up a warning for other curious folks to stay away. We always hope for explanations…but they are often left unspoken.

    I wonder what the ‘nails’ would have said…

    Thanks for your visit. I enjoy word play.

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