Reduced Workload Program Failure

From: A.Dellfarmer, drone
TO: I. Bigwig, CEO
        Poverty-Enders, LLC

06:25 am 31 Dec 2010

RE: Reduced Workload Program


Your recent sixteen emails and their
accompanying attachments, requesting my
prompt attention to each, ASAP,
not to mention your suggestion that perhaps
all employees might arrive earlier for work
(please note the time stamp, above),
have enlightened me considerably
and, while I applaud all current efforts
to reduce this agency’s workload
by any means necessary” as your
brilliant and lengthy memo suggests,
I remain convinced, as I stated at
the mandatory marathon staff meeting,
that the elimination or reduction of
poverty in our society will not be achieved
by simply eliminating those individuals
who are experiencing said poverty.

It is with great regret, therefore,
that I must decline your insistence
on my participation in your innovative
but misguided “Clean Out The Ghetto
program. I believe there are less drastic
and  more merciful approaches than
your “Hunt Down The Needy” initiative
and your drive to “Eliminate the Slacker.”

Please consider this memo to be my
tendered resignation, understanding
that I remain self-employed and,
as such, do not number myself
among your projected targets.


Posted for this week’s (“Epistle“) prompt at: WE WRITE POEMS


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