Enough, Already (for OSI)

endless chattering
season of politicians
yackety yakety yak
constant babble of liars
promises not to be kept


Posted for this week’s prompt, “Constant”, at: One Single Impression.

7 thoughts on “Enough, Already (for OSI)

  1. Ahhh…so it’s just like up here in Canada eh!!! That’s what we get, again and again. Empty promises, quickly broken. I like what you’ve done with this prompt.

    Happy Week, G

    PS: Your About Ron blurb made me LOL. 😉

  2. Every election year, I make up all sorts of new laws preventing the irritating campaign rhetoric…somehow, a candidate shouldn’t have to be a millionaire, but no Superpacs, no mud-slinging, etc. Just tell me what you’ll do and how….

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