Six Word Saturday

I’m With Randy On This One 

It really feels like everything’s just kind of crashing down right now. I know it’s probably just me, but still… 


Cheer yourself up with Call Me Cate at: SHOW MY FACE.

12 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. well, yeah, it’s probably you, but that’s the point, isnt it. It’s you, dammit, and that counts for an awful lot around here. Take care, take care. And turn OFF
    Randy Newman, I love him, but he can pull ya right into the soup, some times =)

  2. Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing a down time. We all go through them – but that doesn’t help when you’re in the middle of one. Hope the sun comes out soon and you find some joy today.

  3. It does seem like a lot of folks I care about are going thru some really hard times right now, that means we all need to stick closer to one another, offer what comfort and encouragement we can, and hold on tight til things turn for the better, life cycles my friend and the sun always returns to shine, sometimes it’s a matter of slogging along one foot in front of the other as best we can do, until we’re back on higher ground. HUGS!

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