Dream Farm

I want to have a farm he said
I want to make things grow
sun wind soil seed
the soft brown earth
the laugh-blue sky —

Backache was all I could answer,

Wheels against the barn
rimmed with rust
the fallen gutterspouts
and all the grey and ancient boards
made echoes of agreement in the air.


Originally published in the (print only) Pine Island Journal in October, 2000, dusted off & posted here in response to this week’s prompt, “Echo”, at One Single Impression

10 thoughts on “Dream Farm

  1. I would be the one bringing up the negatives of such a crazy idea! Then, I would probably relent, also, to keep harmony and love without conflict….

  2. Hi Ron ~~ I’d think from your last verse that this ‘farmer’ person might be a ‘gentleman farmer.’ We have plentry of those around here and around most cities. They like playing with their tractors and having two or three horses to ride.

    A few years ago my sister and I had Dad’s farm. Only problem it was in Nebraska and I was in Texas. My sister who lives in eastern Iowa managed it for us and we share crop rented it to my cousin who lives near the farm. Even managing the farm got to be more effort than it was worth. Our share of the profits were always between $10,000 and $15,00. We had to divide that. Back when we were children our family of four could live off that farm.

    The economics were worse than the backaches. 🙂

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