Six Word Saturday

Ron.’s New Flute Should Arrive Today

This is it, played by Odell Borg, the man who makes them:

 Tick Tick Tick Tick…C’mon, Mr. FedEx Man; bring me some Redtailed joy!


Something else that’s cool: Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE.

22 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. This looks like an eighteenth century instrument. When you’ve got used to it, could you put up a clip of you playing it? I used to play flute and clarinet duets with a flautist friend, but I wouldn’t know how to cordinate that over the internet.

  2. What surprises me is that you never cease to surprise me. And the fact that you do play the flute suddenly seems so um–Ron.-like…what a beautiful looking instrument.

    • Thank you Judykins. I think the Skonk woulda said: “Thank you, Judykins; it’s always gratifying when a woman says I have a beautiful instrument.” But I’m not him.

  3. Learning to play a musical instrument is one of those things I wish I had done when I was younger. I know I could still learn, but my life seems so preoccupied with other things that it’s fallen far down my list.

    I saw by your next post that it did arrive. I hope you enjoy it for a long time.

  4. years ago I bought a penny whistle, which is basically the baby brother to the larger fancier flutes like you have, Ron., and had a great time with it, scaring the cats and annoying our distant neighbors; but as a smoker I realized that i was gasping for breath most of the time, and finally gave it up. Then I gave up smoking. And I think maybe all this flute talk has moved me to at least hunt up the penny whistle and have another go at ‘er. Thank you for the unintended push,

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