Sail Away

Marc A. Provencher
‘Marc Buddy’
5.27.64 – 6.27.12

Nobody these days is as lost as we, left here without you among us, gone into who-knows-where, if there is such a place.  Gone from here, at any rate.  Those of us who believe that no one disappears forever will wait to see where you pop up next, who you’ll be the next time we meet you.  Those of us who believe that all things must finally end will note your passing and mourn, will note and bear the loss, will move forward toward our own inevitable end, enriched for having known you.  Most of us don’t have much to believe in, and will only sit here silently, remembering you and admiring the flowers while the last sad song is sung. Some of us will step up to say kind words, try to ease each other’s suffering as you fly away. 

Go ahead then; lie down in those green pastures. One way or another, we’ll see you later, if only in our mind’s eye. Meanwhile, sail away; like the song says: It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day.

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