Six Word Saturday

Still Letting My Freak Flag Fly

Even though My Beloved Sandra–whose taste in such matters is usually spot on–is chasing me around these days, scissors in hand, I just can’t bring myself to do it.  Like the song says: I feel like I owe it to someone. 

 Maybe it’s just me…


Just doin what our friend Call Me Cate suggests: SHOW MY FACE.

12 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Oh, hey. I’ve known you with the beard/long hair and without it, and you are so not you when yoiu lose either one. It’s part of who you are, after all.

  2. Hi Ron ~~ Two hard things for a man: cutting his hair and selling his truck.
    Oh yes, and parking his motorcycle for good.

  3. My Bill has grown his hair and beard long again. He can now, being an otr trucker.
    I loved him when it was long, short, and now long again. He is still the same man.

  4. Mine’s a short back and sides man, who loves Crosby, Stills et al. He always said he’d grow it into a ponytail and sit by the quayside with his watercolours when he retires. Well, maybe… he’ll have earned it.

  5. Hey, women can cry/sob/moan/groan/feel like they’re attending a wake…. (ha! Ha!) when they sell their beloved ride too! …but as for hair…oh that is a private war…but A Persons Got To Do What Ever THEY Feel best….to heck with the rest of the world right!

  6. Oh boy! A chance to flash back to the days of long haired hippie boys! Let’s face it, even now, when one glimpses a guy with long hair that old family ZING!!!! happens!

  7. Nice classic you picked up here!!
    I say, roll down the car windows and let the wind run through your hair,
    music blasting and your gal sitting next to you.
    This coming from a bald guy whose been shaving his head since ’96…
    (though I’ve never regretted it!!).
    As for those scissors:
    Run Ron, Run!!!
    I had finished writing my comment well before the middle of the song,
    but I just had to stay ’till the end…

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