Tang and Velcro

Everyone was screaming for Tang and Velcro, but fewer than half of them had ever been to the moon. Most of those who had been there, had been there only once and, of those, only a small handful had returned alive to tell the tale. Those who survive the arduous voyage are generally rewarded with more Tang and Velcro than most humans require or, for that matter, can easily tolerate.

Occasionally, there is a rumor about an impending shortage of Tang, or an actual shortage. In the event of a rumored shortage, everyone is expected to file slowly past the Tang locker, chanting, “We don’t need it / We don’t need it / We don’t need no stinking Tang!”

Although it has never happened, everyone is acutely aware that there would be no good outcome if ever there was a Velcro shortage.  Shortages of Velcro, in the past, have always proven to be catastrophic.

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