Six Word Saturday (x3)

Today, Two Facts And A Question:

Here’s Our Tax Dollars At Work:


Here Are Our Taxes, Not Working:


What Should We Spend Taxes On?


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8 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday (x3)

  1. Health care? Building infrastructure? Feeding the hungry? Clothing the naked? Comforting those who are in prison?

  2. It is a crying shame. Is that second photo from some where in Detroit? I was born and raised in Michigan.

  3. The little boy tugs at the heart strings. What IS wrong with our world right now. The TV tonight was full of images of death and destruction in Syria.

  4. Well, Ron, I am sure we didn’t bomb the little boy’s house. It was his daddy who messed things up. Spend our taxes on education, health, and living supplements for those who really need that.
    Seems the government right now is on a ‘help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. That should not be.
    Jim’s Six Word Saturday

  5. Foreign policies and internal affairs are two different matters
    and neither should be neglected.
    We both live in countries considered rich nations
    but I would say we should first cater to our own
    before trying to save the rest of the world.
    But when you look around, the need is so pressing elsewhere,
    I myself sent some money for two other countries that I’ll probably never see,
    Haiti and Pakistan, hoping the money will indeed help the people.
    It seems unlikely but one has to hope.

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