Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Odd Jobs

  1. Pylonmeister
  2. Rainyologist
  3. Eye Catcher
  4. Peanut Butter
  5. Olive Oiler
  6. Eggonomist
  7. Mooniac
  8. Antiaquarian
  9. Knickertwister
  10. Monkey Shiner
  11. Corner
  12. Bubbleheader
  13. Excessiviser


Lots of other wondodderful stuff at: THURSDAY THIRTEEN. 

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. My knickertwister is inclined to hang my underwear inside out on the line, to decorn his corns in the sitting room and to excessivise the whisky (I lie, he only has one). I haven’t seen him butting any peanuts lately, but he olive oils his salad like a mooniac.
    The Rainyologist has been overactive lately, turning me into an anti-aquarian. The pylonmeisters are busy installing an ultra-high-tension power line in our neck of the woods as I write, much to the dismay of the monkey shiners and bubbleheaders. Your eye catcher of a word eggonomist caught my eye, only I read it as eggonface-ist.

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