Okay, so after a week in the email inboxes of subscribers to Shayne Terry’s fine publication, egg poetry, my poem Catching The Dalmatian has finally been posted at the egg.  Here’s a Link. When you get there, you can also click on “eggs past” to read more really fine work from other accomplished poets. I recommend you do.

I’ll also be posting the poem (as always) at my published-work website EGGS OVER TOKYO.

And if all that clicking is just too much trouble, here’s the poem itself:

Catching The Dalmatian

Just before he wakes up he reaches
for another jumbo shrimp. The cooler,
nearly depleted, is a mix of slushy bait
and warming beer. He snags one or
the other –he’s not sure which—
and wishes the odd lights at the bottom
of the dark pool weren’t so…what?
Hypnotic? Inviting? He sips his beer,
stabs another jumbo on the barbed
hook, flicks his ash and, with a flick
of wrist, casts the weighted bait.
A plop and a wait.
                              Half in the bag,
it’s hard to tell how long it takes
to finally sink to the bottom.
He’s had better days, he thinks;
he’d like to think that better days
are still ahead, but the bottom
of the pool beckons.
                                  A sudden tug.
He jerks the rod to set the hook.
His head reels; “Dogfish,” he thinks,
Or something worse,” and cuts it
loose. He lights another smoke,
reaches for another beer, watches
the neighbor’s spotted dog
squatting on his August lawn.

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