(Over the decades, I have become largely ambivalent about most of my early beliefs in the Christian mythology, but I’m happy to have salvaged the spirit of forgiveness and compassion that all the “good books” recommend. Son Of God or not, it sounds like Jesus–if there really was a Jesus–probabaly didn’t deserve what he got. Still, you can’t blame Pilate; he was just doing his job.) 


Pilate could not know
that all the water in Judea
could not have washed those hands—
nor could he suspect, then,
what tides his sentence turned;
he could not know
(nor little guess,
as he ordered up the nails)
what divinity there was
between the wood of the manger
and the bloodied wooden cross.

4 thoughts on “Absolution

  1. Ahhh- the intersection of hubris and the unknown. A pervasive human condition captured brillantly in your seasonal piece.

  2. Aw….left a comment here early this a.m., and it failed to appear. I was using my phone to do it, and sometimes the connection drops and I don’t realize it.

    Anyway….loved this, Ron. I really enjoyed the connection between “water” and “tide” as well as the tie between the references to wood. You’ve certainly captured so much in so few words. Well done.


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