I thought I had the egg market pretty well cornered (Eggs Over Tokyo;  Scrambled, Not Fried), but no. I recently discovered this cool weekly poetry mag, egg poetry, edited by Shayne Terry.  Egg posts a new poem every week, and (bonus!) if you subscribe, it’s delivered directly to your email.  You should go there and read some back issues, maybe subscribe.  It’s all Good Stuff, you have my word.

AND HERE’S THE REALLY COOL NEWS:  I just received word from Shayne that he’ll be publishing my poem, Catching The Dalmatian sometime in the very near future–maybe even next week!  This, of course, makes this egg-man very happy indeed!  I’ll definitely be back to post a link when it’s available

Meanwhile, like I say, you should go check some past eggs at: egg poetry.

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