Thursday Thirteen

13 Truer Words Never Spoken:

(Joni Mitchell)

We are stardust, golden.  We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.


Despite all the horrible things one might cite to the contrary, despite all the forces aligned to bring us down and make us hate and distrust ourselves and each other, I still believe that we are, indeed, golden stardust.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that it’s up to us–not some politician, not some preacher, not some armed force–it’s up to us to get ourselves back to the garden. We can’t get there in the voting booth, or by folding our hands and bowing our heads in some kind of church.  And we certainly are not going to get there by fighting our way across some battlefield.

We’re better than all that.  We’re stardust.  We’re golden.  Heaven’s up to each of us.


As always, good reads at: THUSDAY THIRTEEN

5 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Hear, hear. Peace and solutions are in every moment with every person. War can be imposed top down but resistance and respect is up to individuals.

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