Six Word Saturday

Thank You Very Much, Emitt Rhodes

I hadn’t thought about Emitt Rhodes in quite a while until, cruising around, some blogger referrenced one of his songs (Love Will Stone You) & I had to pop on over to YouTube & quench my sudden thirst.

All instruments & vocals by Emitt Rhodes.  Here’s a sample: 
You should check him out.  It’s an interesting story & some really fine tunes.  Two or three albums & he was done, but what a fine (small) body of work.


Call Me Cate wants to hear you sing a little ditty at: SHOW MY FACE.


3 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Thanks for this Ron. I have no recollection of Emitt, which is odd because I reckon I would have liked his stuff in the 70s (still like it now). How refreshing to find something new from that era.

  2. Never heard of him before but did enjoy listening to a bit of his music! Thanks for sharing about him; will have to check him out further when I have more time. Thanks also for visiting us for 6WS and your comment about the lottery; I do have to agree with your perspective about it; never thought about it that way before. And you are right, who needs all that money? Kind of like the sports players that get paid an exorbitant amount of money. who needs all that money indeed! Great thoughts; enjoy the weekend!


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