Thursday Thirteen

(Haven’t played in a while. Excuse the rust.)

13 Snappy Comebacks

  1. “Well, yeah; unless you’re Kim Kardashian.”

  2. “You want fries with that?”

  3. “That’ll never make the Top 10, dude.”

  4. “Okay then.  Gravity.”

  5. “That’s not what your mother said.”

  6. “I think that’s why it’s called lipstick.”

  7. “2 out of 3 ain’t Brad.”

  8. “You could try Crisco…”

  9. “Oh yeah; using air quotes makes it much funnier.”

  10. “I got yer popular pianist right here, pal.”

  11. “Pull those things up; your brain’s showing.”

  12. “Can I get these in ‘Not Ugly’?”

  13. “Bitter much?”


Lots more (& better) lists at: THURSDAY THIRTEEN

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