Dedication (for OSI)


(for a muse, who will recognize herself)

Do you recall the night
we talked about The Reformation
and when we finished
lightning struck the cross
on the Lutheran church in the parking lot
and caused all the bells to start ringing
and how we sat there, smugly out of the rain
on that brown back porch
with the summer crashing down around us?

Dearest Muse,
you must always remember:
you are not forgotten
anywhere in these poems


(for this week’s prompt, Muse, at: ONE SINGLE IMPRESSION)

7 thoughts on “Dedication (for OSI)

  1. I think your muse is very nice. 🙂 The prelim lines are so nice too, the two of you sitting on the brown back porch watching naure in action is romantic in spit of the storm.
    Don’t feel bad about your curise thinking it is self-indulgent and decadent (yesterdays comment on my 6WS). At least not from myi writing. We will be cruising ourselves in April.

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