How Things Work Out

Sometimes satisfaction arrives when least expected.

     I’ve been hanging out, posting at The Red Room for just over 3 years now, and have occasionally wondered about their system for making selections for their “Editor Picks,” the honor having eluded me all that time.
     Imagine, then, my pleasant surprise at finding my post Coffee, Early prominently featured among the “Picks”. If you’re interested, you can READ IT HERE (don’t worry; it’s pretty short and fairly interesting).

Interesting side story: I wrote Coffee, Early with the thought in the back of my mind that I might post it at another one of my favorite writing spots, Six Sentences, but just couldn’t bring myself to trim it down to size. I’m very proud of my work there, too.  You can access my 6S Home Page HERE.

4 thoughts on “How Things Work Out

  1. Very cool, indeed, how things work out. Loved the story. I could feel the long pause as she waited to respond…I could feel her inhalation of the memory of soap. Nice!

  2. Congratulations, Ron. Well done. I didn’t totally understand the story, but I guess it’s a question of American custom or something. But I’m glad for you that they picked your story.

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