Great Big Empty (for OSI)

Photo Credit: ivan1 (deviantART)

great big empty
wind hollow wind
blue wind blown
over starry white
war torn  sands
like saxophone blues
as hollow as hate
as empty as blue
starry space

grey wet wind
through steel skies
moves green trees
on mountainsides
blows soft thistle-hair
along the valley floor
pushes fine flowerstem
sideways, bending boughs
with promised


(revised for this week’s prompt, “Elemental” at: ONE SINGLE IMPRESSION)

7 thoughts on “Great Big Empty (for OSI)

  1. This is beautiful. It fills me with a connectedness that I don’t usually fell for that type of landscape. You’re a master!

  2. Hi Ron ~~ I enjoyed reading these verses. They are an example of a very clever contrast between the abstract and the concrete.
    The second, concret, contains fairly obvious actions and objects.
    The first has all intangibles except the sand. And even that being wanton defies imaging.
    Thank you for visiting my OSI Perseids.

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