Six Word Saturday

(Ron. Addresses Yet Another Pet Peeve)

Photo Credit: National Guard Handbook

They Look Well Regulated To Me

DON’T GET ME WRONG: I have NOT gone over to the dark, gun-toting, pro-military side.  But once again, one of my Facebook friends is making the rounds trying to convince me (ie us) that guns are harmless. Specifically, this friend posts:


1)   Sadly, people mostly kill people WITH GUNS. And:

2) The Constitution’s 2nd Amendment says, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I think The National Guard qualifies as “a well-regulated militia” & I have no problems with them having guns. But my drunken, wife-beating, semi-psychotic neighbor? NO.

Please don’t make me have to say this again.


Call Me Cate says ‘State your case!’ at: SHOW MY FACE.

10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. While I agree with the statistics that most people are harmed by their own weapons. I don’t see a problem with people owning guns, and more importantly know how to use them. I come from a military family, which I have no experience in, but I was taught how to use a weapon should the need ever arise. I’d rather have the knowledge to defend myself SAFELY against some idiot with no experience and a vendetta. I also agree Facebook is no place for that.

  2. when the constitution was written, we were in a very different world. Gun ownership was a necessity for hunting (not sport, but food) and to protect oneself from Indians, the British, the Tories, and wild animals. The “right’ to bear arms, I agree with. But it was aimed at a different mindset.

    Guns do not aim themselves and take the safety catch off and shoot someone by themselves. To claim otherwise is silly and specious. There needs to be human intervention to get a gun to go off, and the behaviors I have seen from people who have guns for ‘protection” makes me fear for the neighbors, the kids, and the family parrot. I would like to see the wording amended to, “right to bear arms and a license to prove that you can use it:” …

    Frankly if someone’s using the gun to hide behind perhaps they should rethink why they have it at all.

  3. I am with you, Ron. 🙂 I think all newly purchased guns shoiuld be registered and taxed (sin tax like tobacco) now. The owner should be tested for irregular psychic tendencies. If the test is failed, no gun.

    I have two guns and a BB gun. The Red Ryder BB gun was my childhood ‘toy’ and is now about 70 years old. Also I have my dad’s 22 rifle, a Montgomery Ward. I have been rabbit hunting with him with it but have never shot it.

    My latest is another inherited gun, an Spanish Star 9mm pistol. Again I have never shot this gun either.

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