Easing The Pain

I’ve been laid up since the beginning of the week with (sadly recurrent) sciatica of some sort, only able to stand / walk independently for more than a couple steps as of this morning. Today’s mail brought me a major dose of pain relief, in the form of my new F#Minor red cedar flute, hand-crafted by Butch Hall, who has become my favorite flute maker (along with Odell Borg of High Spirits Flutes). 

Here’s a taste (not me playing):


Here’s The Full Truth, Though:  I owe my healing–I owe everything–to the patience and the loving kindnesses always shown to me by My Beloved Dr Sandra Stanley, without whom there is no music. 



2 thoughts on “Easing The Pain

  1. Ron, I’m so sorry you’re poorly and hope you’re soon on the mend. That flute has a gorgeous tone. Could that have something to do with resonance from the tunnel? It doesn’t seem to have a very large range – is it even an octave? I’d love to have a play on it.

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