Slogging Through The Status Quo

I have no recollection of last night’s dreams, but when I woke up this morning I had the phrase ‘ankle-deep in entrails’  stuck in my head. I guess I’d like to think I’d been dreaming about slaughterhouses or battlefields or something else altogether only a bad dream could produce. Maybe I’m just coming to the realization that we’re always ankle-deep in entrails, that slogging around in other poeple’s guts — or even slogging around in our own, most ot the time– has become the natural state of affairs.

I almost just wrote “..the natural state of affairs these days“, but it occurs to me that maybe slogging around in ankle-deep entrails has probably been the natural state of affairs since the beginning of time. Maybe it’s just how things are, how they’ve always been; maybe we’ve gotten so used to it we just don’t see it anymore. Maybe we can’t see it anymore.

Another baby stolen and beheaded; Good Morning America! And now, here’s the Today Show’s latest on the car bombed flag burner, the kindergarten mudslide, the runaway genocidal bride, her twittering homophobic beau, and the rogue militia minister that brought them both together. Film at 11.

I feel like I’m losing my footing.

4 thoughts on “Slogging Through The Status Quo

  1. There is a solution, unless you are ultimately hooked on gore and grue; turn off the news. Isolated incidents become opening gee whiz items to get us to hang around for the rest of the show, inane as it might be, if only to learn WHY
    the baby was beheaded. Turn off the tv. It’s that simple. And your morning coffee will taste so much better without Acid News…

  2. We gave up our TV last May. At first, what I missed most was the news. I felt rather like I was not keeping up on what was going on in the world. But, you know, now I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all. I get my local news on the morning radio and still hear (through friends and Internet) about the important issues, but I don’t miss TV.

    On another note, I thought I was the only one who woke up with songs, phrases, pictures, or words rattling around in my brain from out of the blue. 🙂

    • I gave up on tv the day I discovered the internet and interactive stuff, back in 1996. Ive never missed it.

      My husband watches streaming Fox network and if someone important dies, or Does a Stupid Thing, he mentions it. My participation in world events at the
      snooper level is no longer needed. Yay.

  3. I’ve been sans TV for over 2.5 years. I thought I’d miss it…instead, I became a writer!

    But slogging through entrails is still possible if you substitute TV with internet. Or stand around the water coole. “Sloggers” are all around us…so hold on tight. Don’t lose your footing. Be filled with peace.


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