Six Word Saturday

One Sad Song Remains The Same 

(Orig. published @ Curio Poetry)

I’ve had enough of that, he said,
pressing a button, ending the newscast,
putting an end, finally, to the useless
bombing of sand dunes and babies.
Then, half-reclined against the bedrail
he pressed another button, turned up
the morphine drip to maximum, closed
his eyes. I’ve had enough, he said.


Our friend Call Me Cate invites you to have your six-word say at:



7 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Hmm, not exactly the road I’m even near ready to follow…not yet….although giving peace a chance doesn’t seem to be on enough plates, right?

  2. Now this is an interesting way to start a Saturday morning.
    Quite poignant Ron….
    Can you even imagine the amount of pain one must be in to come to that decision?
    You should check out my Thursdays’ Pondering with a Purpose this week….

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