How Very CURIO…

Please allow me to help spread the word about a fine new online publication, CURIO POETRY.  Curio’s inaugural issue, ably edited by  Joseph Harker and Tessa Racht premiered today, and is certainly worth the reader’s time.  I urge anyone in search of fine poetry to stop by and enjoy the excellent work presented there, including poems by: Vivienne Blake, James Brush, Annette Mickelson, Deb Scott, and Barbara Young.

I’m pleased that Mr Harker also saw fit to accept three of my own works: By The Dozens, Sunset Over Oakwood Park, and Sign-Off.

Fledgling publications often have to struggle to develop their readership.  I have no doubt that if CURIO POETRY continues as it has begun, it has a bright future.  I’m also certain that if you check it out, you’ll come away convinced of the same, and become a frequent visitor.


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