(Posted in response to this week’s prompt at One Single Impression: Sapid” [adj]. Defined as: pleasing to the taste and/or the mind.)


Love Conquers All

I bought you some
poison blueberries,”
she said. “You can
have them with your
corn flakes in the morning.”
She had always been
very sweet to him
so all he heard was
I brought you some
blueberries for breakfast.
He ate them the next day
with toast and orange
marmalade and tea.
He went to work and smiled
at his colleagues, sat
quietly at his desk
until noon, spoke kindly
to his clients, signed out
at five and went back home
to his little sweetie pie.

5 thoughts on “LOVE CONQUERS ALL (OSI)

  1. Truly “you are what you think you are” or “what you think you become” here.
    All the time reading I was expecting him to keel over. 🙂 I love the poison blueberries and corn flakes thought.

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