Six Word Saturday

This Is Ron.’s First Smokeless Saturday.

(Technically speaking, it’s not. I went almost 17 years before I started smoking. But I’ve been puffing away ever since–more or less 44 years.  I smoked those deliciously dangerous unfiltered Camels for the 1st two decades, but then I got smart and started smoking the safe, filtered ones.) 

Oh, man, I’m gonna miss ’em; but enough is enough, I guess.  


You know six words. Our friend Call Me Cate wants to see your face at: SHOW MY FACE.

20 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Congratulations! I stopped smoking in November 1987 — my goodness, 24 years already! Best thing I ever did. I was aged 48, and had started when I was 16. I had a 30-a-day habit most of that time, and it was a fair dinkum addiction — I can remember turning the house upside down searching for a butt, or driving miles at 3am to try and find a milk bar still open. Oh, how I don’t miss it! I don’t miss my smoker’s cough, the knowledge that to so many people I smelled foul, and I dont miss the drain on my finances. I dont know how people afford to smoke nowadays.

  2. that picture should be a hell of an incentive. One thing that kept me going when I quit was to not tell anyone. Talking about it just made me want to smoke;
    the other thing, sit down and figure out in honest dollars just what you will save
    by not smoking for a year. what we saved paid the tax bill for the whole year,
    and that is a powerful incentive…

  3. Hi Ron ~~ Best wishes with your quitting. 🙂 I smoked until age 37, ending with my pipe. Now I have stopped for 40 years. I couldn’t, well it seemed that way, cold turkey so I switched over to snuff and chewing tobacco. That was sooooo nasty and besides with an inside job it was hard to find a place to spit. I chewed and dipped for almost a month before I quite all the way.

    BTW, you’ve got me reading the Enormous Room by E.E. Cummings after your mention of him a while back. He is just now in the room and has found his friend, “B”, there. If his day-to-day stay is gory or too repetitive I will skip ahead to the part where his father is getting his release.
    Thank you for the incentive to read it. Happy 6WS!

  4. Good for you…the one and only trick to staying away from it….. is don’t take as much a (won’t say the word) keep it completely out of your blood and you will kick it… sneaky stuff either…really…once it’s out of your system…you have it licked…yeah sometimes it helps to not do some of the stuff that you associate with it…. do you like chewing gum???? Sucking on candy…My best wishes will be sending you happy thoughts….!

  5. Ron –

    Congrats, man. Best decision you ever made. If you’re ever tempted to back-slide, bypass the middle man, and just lick the inside of that ashtray.

    If you need distraction, take up the trombone. (Fair warning – it will also keep you humble.)

    JzB the non-smoking trombonist.

    P.S. I’m a Ron, and an occasional poet, too

  6. WTG Ron!! That is a great thing you did giving up smoking like this!! I worked for a doctor one time that said that is the best thing we can do for our bodies to give up smoking (provided that one does smoke of course). Your lungs will thank you for it!! Keep up the good work of not smoking!!


  7. Oh the battle of the addictions. And so the fight begins! It’s a true test to your power of determination to quit smoking and to stay that way. Good luck with it, and may the power of determination win!

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