Sand In Narrow Spaces

(An oldie–originally published 11 years ago in the [now defunct] New Works Review–dusted off, slightly revised, and presented here in response to this week’s inspiration: “Hourglass” at ONE SINGLE IMPRESSION)



The river sings of its rocks, mirrors
emerald and jade where summer
shadows attempt to outrun
sundown. I intrude, I presume;

I stand near the middle. The second cut
of hay is on the banks, neatly ordered
in rows this time of year, golden,
measuring the march-step toward August.

I think about changes: the movement
of sand through narrow places, how
a ripple diminishes downstream,
how a sound sounds when it stops.

7 thoughts on “Sand In Narrow Spaces

  1. I too was thinking of the sound of the water stopping. Novel! 🙂
    I’m finding “summer shadows attempt(ing) to outrun sundown.” very thought provoking as well.

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