Six Word Saturday

I Ain’t Votin’ For Ya, Bub

You know who you are. But just in case there’s any doubt, here are the three reasons why you’re not getting my vote:

The first reason is that I just can’t vote for anyone who regularly drops the final ‘g”, and says things like votin’ and passin’ laws and leadin’ the nation. I don’t care if that’s just how they say it where you come from, or if you do it just to adopt a fake homey affect.  There’s a ‘g’.  Learn to pronounce it.  Failure to do so is a deal-breaker for me.

The second reason you won’t be gettin’ my vote is your determination that America will be better off if commerce, education, and energy are federally deregulated and handed over to businesses and the local governments they own.

And the third reason is, um….it’s…uhhh…wait a minute, wait a minute; it’s um…  


You can’t speak your piece if you don’t show your face at SHOW MY FACE, where our friend Call Me Cate‘s awaitin’.



15 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Very clever. Did you watch Letterman’s top ten? He won’t have my vote either, Ron. I didn’t vote for him as governor but a bunch did. He has been destructive to our state in my eyes.
    Oh yes, the dog belongs to our friend and no we didn’t take him to a movie. I added a disclaimer since your comment. Thank you.

  2. Took me just a minute to figure out who you aren’t voting for. I’m sure he won’t be long in the race; I can’t see him lasting too much longer. Interesting assortment of candidates, not sure who I would vote for on either side if the election was today. Have a good weekend!


  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a REAL candidate for a change? (ummm… I didn’t mean for a change….. I meant for a change….)
    oh hell…. see I guess I can’t go into politics either!

  4. It’s amazing how many people who don’t speak clearly or have thick accents which are not widely understood are actually elected to power. George Bush was an example, I think some people outside of America struggled with his Texas accent. Mao Ze Dong in Communist China had a really thick accent, he was one of the reasons Chinese TV started putting subtitles on everything broadcasted, as most of the country couldn’t actually understand his Chinese, and yet this man with a country bumpkin Hunan accent has gone down in the History books.

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