Thursday Thirteen

13 One-Liners

(Page 13, Line 13 from 13 randomly-selected poetic collections)

Staight from the heart
     “Cut”—Sylvia Plath, Ariel

I would not fear the gallows nor the axe
     “If I Were Tickled By The Rub Of Love”—Dylan Thomas, Collected Poems

a few sharp stones
     “A Frozen Stream”—Ted Kooser, Flying At Night

Then how should I begin
     “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”—TS Eliot, Selected Poems

He is Odysseus lashed to a wreck
     “Sounds Of The Resurrected Dead Man’s Footsteps (#7)—Marvin Bell, Nightworks

him out of the yard
     “The Tunnel”—Mark Strand, Selected Poems

The air was cold.
     “Bob Dylan (Chile, 1973)”—Baron Wormser, Impertinent Notes

Time shades these alleys; every pavement crack
     “Shillington”—John Updike, Collected Poems

you could find tracts with hills and trees you could pretend were mountains and forests
     “The Dress”—c.k.williams, Repair

declaring we seek a city. Shall we be deceived?
     “Homage to Mistress Bradstreet”—John Berryman

You can be the first and last forever to love
     “ A Letter to Those Who Are About to Die”—Kenneth Patchen, Collected Poems

It was now fine music the frogs and the boys
     “First Song”—Galway Kinnell, Selected Poems

Borax, Borax, Borax,
     “Iron Horse”—Allen Ginsberg, Iron Horse


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