13 Radio Ridiculousi

(Foolish Utterances From Broadcastville)

1) I did some research and discovered that my muscles are connected to nerves that send pain messages to my brain…
(This from a fully grown woman who must have been sleeping through 5th Grade Science Class)

2) It’s 8AM in the morning…

3) There’s rain in the forecast, so we can probably expect things to get wet…

4) The candidates appear to be walking in lock-step with each other…
(Because it’s hard to walk in lock-step by yourself, I guess)

5) It was determined that those not living inside these enclaves were generally living elsewhere…
(Hard to be two places at once, unless you live in Quantum Physics Village)

6) Things will probably be cooler tomorrow, due to these lower temperatures…
(Not the same forecaster as #3, above)

7) Witnesses said that the men had heavy arms, and prints gathered at the scene indicated that they wore military style boots on their feet…
(I know that’s where I wear mine, even when I have light arms)

8) The report said that the vehicle was speeding too fast for road conditions…
(Oh, if only they’d been speeding more slowly, or the road had been less icy!)

9) Later tonight, on tonight’s news at 11…
(Just in case you thought it was tomorrow already)

10) The store manager said that customers could charge their purchases and pay for them later…
(Tough concept. Thanks for the clarification)

11) Police said the men had spent the day fishing and were intoxicated…
(Yeah, I’ve been there before)

12) The couple had cohabitated together for eight years…
(So…there were four of them all together, then?)

13) The man testified that he’d been awake for almost 48 hours when his brakes failed…
(They must have been worn out, too, I guess)


You’ve got a list. Hook it on up to: THURSDAY THIRTEEN

12 thoughts on “THURSDAY THIRTEEN

  1. Broadcasting is full of these idiotic bloopers. In the old days (ie when I was 17, working at the Beeb) EVERYTHING was scripted and scrutinised, including interviews – not a chance of an ill-thought-out off-the-cuff remark. Now, at least they give us something to laugh at.

  2. Very funny. Sometimes though, I feel my own conversation must be filled with idiot comments just like the above. Not sure if I’d have turned out like this naturally or whether my teenage kids have driven me to it but hey… what can you do?

  3. LOL! Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of one of those lawyer jokes. Defense attorney to the ME. “So you performed the autopsy?” ME: Yes. Attorney: Was the victim dead at that time?

    Have a great day.

  4. Our radio announcer is always saying, “It’s time to get qualified.” Makes me want to scream! “It’s time to qualify,” of course, is correct. You don’t need to “get” anything. Great list.

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