Haiku September —FINALE!!


Serious thanks to the Haiku Heights September Challenge and the many new poets I’ve met while writing 30 haiku / senryu in 30 days. I appreciate the impetus, encouragement, and kind words you’ve offered all month long.

I’m very happy with some of these pieces, reasonably happy with others, and offer my sincere apology for foisting a few of them on the unsuspecting populace.

Without further ado, then, here’s Haiku September #30:

all things slip away
summer will become autumn
sooner than we think



Want to meet lots of other haikumeisters? VISIT THE HEIGHTS

10 thoughts on “Haiku September —FINALE!!

  1. The seasons seem to fly by faster and faster ~~ Nicely done!

    Congrats on completing the month of Haiku!! It has been enjoyable reading ~~ Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy October! 🙂

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