Six Word Saturday

I’m Reminded Of The Truth Daily


The Master reminds us often of the Dharma Of Impermanence, inclines us toward divesting ourselves of our pointless clinging.

My only beef with the Kansas song, which reiterates this wisdom, are these lines: “…Nothing lasts forever / but the earth and sky…”   which, of course, ought to be: “Nothing lasts forever / not the earth or sky…”


Here’s another piece of sage advice: go post your own six-word worldview.  You know you want to. Our friend Call Me Cate is waiting  at: SHOW MY FACE. 

13 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Your post is interesting, not only is there a hurricane out there, but the state of AZ has had that huge dust storm, shutting their airports and killing their power.

  2. Hi Ron ~~ I like that song. I am sorry you are having dusty winds. We have extreme heat but not the dust. I have lived in El Paso and grew up in Nebraska so I do ‘know about’ the wind and dust.
    I also like the idea of “impermanence” although I may not agree with every thing written on the link site concerning coping with it.
    Happy 6WS! 🙂

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